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Our History

The American Vitiligo Research Foundation, Inc. (AVRF) was founded in December 1995, by Stella Pavlides of Clearwater, FL. Since its inception, the foundation has been operated out of the home of its founder.

The primary objective of the foundation is embracing the diversity and promoting the inclusion of all individuals. To meet this objective, the goals of the AVRF include public awareness, education, acceptance, and a cure. The foundation furthers these goals by providing an array of resources, fundraisers, and conferences designed to enlighten and uplift members of the foundation and the public.

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Our Mission

American Vitiligo Research Foundation Inc. (AVRF) provides public awareness about vitiligo through dedicated work, education and counseling. We seek to make a difference worldwide to those afflicted by the disease, focusing on children and their families. We embrace diversity and encourage acceptance. The AVRF encourages higher ethical standards in research, and therefore supports finding a cure through alternatives to animal testing.

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